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Monday, 11 May 1964 


It is with a grateful heart that We bid Your Mayesty a sincere welcome to Our home. Never to be erased from Our memory is the truly royal welcome you extended to Us during Our recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land; and We cherish, in particular, the remembrance of the countless marks of honour with which Your Majesty surrounded Our humble Person during Our stay in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We recall with warm gratitude Your Majesty’s constant company, hovering near Us throughout Our entire journey as a pilgrim in your blessed land.

Having met and known the people of your Kingdom, having visited their homes and cities, We are confirmed and strengthened in Our affection for them, and in Our prayerful wishes for their prosperity, joy and peace.

Especially were We impressed by the great efforts being made in the cultural and educational fields, through more numerous and improved schools and institutions of learning; and also in the agricultural sector, which Your Majesty has encouraged and assisted to higher achievements and admirable progress. We are confident that these beneficent activities will continue and ever more fruitfully increase. Your Majesty may rest assured that the Catholics of Jordan will loyally do everything possible to promote their country’s advancement, sponsoring initiatives particularly in the educational field and that of socjal work; confident that they will always enjoy their civil rights and be favoured by Your Majesty’s benevolence.

To all the noble and beloved people of Jordan, We wish every heavenly grace; above all, We pray God to protect and guard Your Majesty and the Royal Family, and to bestow upon you and your Kingdom His richest and most abundant favours.


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