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Monday, 7 November 1966


Dear Friends from Japan,

Once again We are very happy to welcome to Our home distinguished representatives of Japanese Buddhism. We feel that in recent months, because of several visits from Buddhist visitors from Japan, We have established a particular relationship of friendship and respect.

In your travels through Europe, you wished to stop off and visit with Us. We appreciate this gracious gesture and We thank you for your kindness.

Today, the peace of the world is being threatened. We, therefore, call upon all people of religion to play an important role in obtaining a favourable environment in which peace, so desired by mankind, can prosper. The Ecumenical Council, which adjourned last year, wished to establish effective contact with all religions, so that an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect, with consequent brotherly cooperation and collaboration, could flourish. In such an atmosphere, people would seek the realm of the spirit and the common good of all men. We hope that your travels will add to your knowledge of Christianity, and will result in a greater understanding and respect of beliefs which may differ from yours. We are confident that you will come to appreciate the contributions of religion to the well-being of man, and that you will wish to share in the future contribution of religion to the culture and development of the human family.

We ask Almighty God to bless you, your country and your work. Please bring back to Japan Our heartfelt greetings and good wishes to your brother Buddhists, to your countrymen whom We love and admire greatly. May the blessings of peace and prosperity be yours.

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