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Mercoledì, 4 ottobre 1944

It was with real pleasure that We read Your Excellency's letter of September I8th, in which on behalf of President Roosevelt and American Relief for Italy Inc., Your Excellency very kindly expressed appreciation of Our encouragement of the «National Agency for the Distribution of Relief Supplies for Italy».

Constantly animated as We are by the resolve to avail Ourselves of every occasion to alleviate the sad consequences of a conflict which, alas, We were unable to prevent, We are most happy to give Our fullest support to an organization that has been set up with the object of bringing help to one of the peoples most severely tried by the war; all the more so because the elements constituting this National Agency give every reason for confidence in its lofty ideals and thorough efficiency. Indeed information already reaching Us affords gratifying proof of the earnestness of its generous, zealous leaders. This confidence has now been increased by the assurance Your Excellency gives that American Relief for Italy Inc., has accomplished much and we express the hope that, under the able and enlightened leadership of Your Excellency, other governmental and benevolent organizations will lend their hearty cooperation to further the most praiseworthy aims of this National Agency.

While then We implore the most plentiful blessings of God on the united efforts of all concerned with these noble enterprises, We voice the prayer that the work already begun may develop and grow apace and that it may serve to offer suffering peoples an unmistakable testimony of the active presence in the world of that Christian charity without which justice would be inadequate to ensure for mankind the inestimable gift of peace.

We are happy on this occasion to renew the expression of Our sincere good wishes to Your Excellency.

*Actes et Documents du Saint-Siège relatifs à la seconde guerre mondiale, vol. 10 p.429-430.


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