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 Sala del Trono - Venerdì, 31 dicembre 1957


So the New Year is ushering in a new air service, one that will bind together the chief capitals of the world, as it were, by a single hoop; and you, gentlemen, are inaugurating the flight. An international character is given to your group by the Press correspondents, who never fail on such an occasion. While We are happy to welcome you as you, touch down in Rome, We congratulate the Australian Air Line « QANTAS » on its enterprising spirit, and We like to see in it one more step towards closing the gap that separates peoples in a world whose smallness is made more manifest year by year.

Perhaps Rome's ancient monuments may remind you of the days, two thousand years ago and more, when peoples of the then world were bound together by the unconquered legions of her imperial power. But fear and servitude paved not seldom her path. Quite different is the link you are forging. It will indeed help to bring about the harmonious union among nations indispensable for the peace man craves; but it will not suffice. Material progress of itself is never a sufficient source of genuine peace. That must strike its roots deep down in the souls of men, who, for all the yet undiscovered magnitude of their potentialities, humbly acknowledge their common dependence on the one « same God, the same Father of us all, Who is above all beings, pervades all things and lives in all of us » (Eph. 4, 6). That peace is in the air today borne by the message of the Angels to men of good will. God grant that all may hearken to it.

We shall not delay you, gentlemen, as you hurry on to close the circle. Be assured that Our blessing accompanies you, and We pray that it may draw down on you and the dear ones who are waiting for you at home the saving grace of Bethlehem's Divine Infant, pledge of a happy, holy and peaceful New Year.

*Discorsi e Radiomessaggi di Sua Santità Pio XII, XIX,
 Diciannovesimo anno di Pontificato, 2 marzo 1957-1° marzo 1958, p. 689
 Tipografia Poliglotta Vaticana


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