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To Our Esteemed Brother John Cardinal Villot
of the Council for the Public Affairs of the Church Camerlengo
of the Holy Roman Church

Since we are soon to begin our journey by air to distant lands—namely, we are going to Mexico and we will make a short stop-over in one of the Great Antilles—it is reasonable for us prudently to provide for the administration of the affairs in this Apostolic See during the time of our absence, which will be from the twenty-fifth of January until the first of February this year.

And so for the same period of time we give to you, our esteemed brother, who are exercising the dual role of Prefect of the Council Of the Public Affairs of the Church and Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, all the canonical powers necessary, in so far as circumstances require, to carry out the functions of Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church.

In particular, we delegate to you the power of granting, during the time of our absence, all the indults, faculties and favours which we ourself are accustomed to grant, if there is danger in delay and provided everything that should be observed is observed; likewise, if the case is particularly urgent, of making provision for the government of any diocese by appointing an Apostolic Administrator.

Finally we beseech you kindly to assist us on our journey by your constant prayers. On this journey we are very anxious to promote the glory of God, to foster devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and to bring as much benefit as possible to the Church, especially to the Church in Latin America. Being thoroughly assured of your competence and your devotion to duty, we willingly impart to you, our esteemed brother, the Apostolic Blessing as a proof of our goodwill.

From the Vatican, on the twenty­ third of January in the year 1979, the first of our Pontificate.




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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana