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Saturday, 3 April 1965


Dear Brothers of Saint Francis Xavier,

We welcome you and your new Superior General, and We thank you for this visit at the conclusion of your General Chapter.

God has chosen you for a wonderful vocation, that of the training and education of youth. Our Lord and Master, Who called Himself the Truth and the Life, and insisted that the little ones be allowed to come to Him, is your Model in drawing the minds of the young towards Truth, their hearts, towards Goodness and Beauty. Saint Francis Xavier, that great missionary, who, after Saint Paul, deserves to be called the second Teacher of the Peoples, is your Patron and heavenly intercessor.

We invoke upon your admirable labors the grace of Eternal Wisdom, Who came forth from the mouth of the Most High, that like Him you too may «reach from end to end firmly, but gently disposing all things» in the formation of your young pupils; so that He may come to teach you and them the way of prudence (Vesper Antiphon, December 17).

Under new direction and guidance, may your work continue in the praise of His Name, and for the salvation of your own souls and those of your students. In pledge of that grace, We lovingly impart to you, to all your confreres, your institutions, those entrusted to your care, your benefactors and loved ones, Our special paternal Apostolic Blessing.


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