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Monday, 25 May 1970


Mister Ambassador,

We extend to you Our warmest welcome as you present Us with Letters of Credence which accredit you as your country’s first Ambassador to the Holy See. We welcome you in your personal capacity and We welcome you as representative of that country so dear to Our heart: Mauritius.
We very much appreciate the kind thoughts you have expressed about Our Church, and your acknowledgment of its work in Mauritius, not only in the educational and social spheres, but also in inspiring a life of understanding and brotherhood among your beloved people. Your words, Mister Ambassador, show a deep awareness of the higher ideals of human life and the right approach to them if peace and wellbeing are to be attained whether at home or abroad. You have spoken of the great leader Gandhi; but even if you had not mentioned his name, he would have come to Our mind as you expressed your own thoughts on brotherhood, understanding and love.
We heard with satisfaction those words of yours which emphasised what can be achieved when Church and Government work in close cooperation; and We are very grateful also for your tribute to the missionary zeal of the Roman Catholic Church in the history of Mauritius, and its deep effect on the spiritual life of the country.

The bond between Mauritius and the Catholic Church has always been firm and strong, founded as it was on selfless service and affection for the people shown by those who spread the word of God, brotherhood and charity. This bond is sealed, and will be even further strengthened, by this appointment of Your Excellency as first Ambassador to the Holy See, and by the appointments of your own Bishop Margéot as Bishop of Port Louis and Archbishop Cecchini as Pro-Nuncio to Mauritius.
We extend to you Our very best wishes for the fulfilment of your mission and assure you that you will find Us always ready to be of assistance, especially in whatever concerns the good and well-being of Mauritius and its harmonious development in peace and prosperity. It is with a full heart that We invoke upon you, your family and the people of your beloved country, the richest blessings from heaven.

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