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Friday, 2 September 1977

Mr. President.

We are very happy to have this meeting with Your Excellency today. We welcome you most cordially, together with your illustrious suite.

We still remember with deep pleasure the visit of Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Spain at the beginning of this year. As on that occasion, we with to express openly our sincere affection to the beloved Spanish nation, so close to this See of Peter because of historical bonds of faithfulness and devotion.

Your Excellency has wished to inform us of the resolutions and hopes of a new Spain which is being constructed with the collaboration of all Spaniards. A task which faces all those in charge with the duty, as noble as it is exacting, of achieving a just society which will allow all citizens to fulfil themselves fully. We extend our sincere congratulations on the wisdom and common sense with which the Spanish people laid the necessary grounds to obtain this success, both on the national and on the international plane.

In all this, it is our deepest desire, we would like one fundamental aim to he reflected. that of serving the development of the person in every dimension, above all in the cultural, moral and spiritual dimensions. In other words, to honour all those values of which history recognizes Spain as being an extraordinary mouthpiece.

For this reason, we wish our words to be an encouragement to all of you, so that with your gifts of intelligence, imagination and perceptivity, following faithfully this human and Christian path, you will be able to canalize the legitimate aspirations of your people.

This is our desire and our request in our prayers to the Lord.

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